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Navy Locator

Navy locator is the bureau of Naval Personnel sailor search (http://www.bupers.navy.mil). The Navy locator for veterans, active-duty personnel and reservists is available at http://directory.navy.mil. This provides information on people, organizational units and locations within the US Navy. The information is in a hyperlinked hierarchical manner and the first is the top-level Navy organizations. Clicking on one will continue to the other.

The interactive search helps in locating navy personnel with the help of complex filters like organization, personal and other criteria. An organizational entry in the Navy locator of the US Navy contains in- formation about the description, locality, and the organization unit name. A Person entry contains name, surname, E-mail address, phone number, Billet or position description, pay plan, job series, organizational code, unit identification code, rank and the organizational status as civilian, military/enlisted or military officer.

The military data for Navy locator of the US Navy is from the Navy Personnel Command (NAVPERS) as officer data and enlisted data. NAVPERS supplies information like name, rank code, unit identification code, title, billet code, billet description, organization code and reserve indicator. The civilian data is from the Defense Civilian Personnel System (DCPDS). The information here includes name, unit identification code, pay plan, job series, position description, and organization code. Updating of DCPDS information is through your personnel officer and not through this service.

The individual enters and maintains the personal information like telephone numbers, FAX, title, Email, Office Code, Physical Delivery Address, workroom, and URL. Hence, the authenticity of the same is questionable. Updating of the personnel data files on Navy locators of the US Navy are on a monthly basis, so the present data is of the previous month.

The Navy locator of the US Navy is a superb tool supporting all sailors and officers through the 24-hour internet communication link. This is a boon to the families of the sailors to maintain contacts on long sojourns at sea.

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